Mei Xian Qiu : Pilgimage Project



TITLE:   Pilgrimage; Die Ehemalige Verehrten Objekte




Elie Wiesel, wrote that “most people think that shadows follow, precede or surround beings or objects. The truth is that they also surround words, ideas, desires, deeds, impulses and memories.” In this work, these shadows, and their potent power, are exorcised, ritually purified, cleansed, reconsecrated, annihilated, and resurrected. 


 Three years ago, a German military family put certain artifacts under my care, to “make sense of with art,” citing an imperative to wipe history clean, and start anew. The artifacts consist of three to four generations of household crucifixes, prayer books, hymnals, bibles, and war medals from various wars (including WWII). The objects were obviously loved and tenderly cared for, laden with memory, and had personal writings and notes inside the pages of the books. Although the present, living owners are Agnostic and Atheistic, the objects themselves are rooted in spiritual practice and/or in a perceived heroism and sense of duty. As such it seemed to make sense that the objects and the agony of their shadows, needed a Pilgrimage of their own, in lieu of and for benefit of their owners and many others who shared similar histories. 


Fittingly recorded in Los Angeles where metamorphosis and reinvention aredaily occurrences,  the videos, interviews, field notes, and photographs, of the formerly venerated objects, and the words , ideas, desires, deeds, impulses, and memories contained and surrounding them ---- undergo a series of pilgrimage “awakenings” and “restarts.” These consists of rituals and ritualistic examinations by spiritual leaders of Native American Shamanic, Christian, Kabbalist Judaic, and Eastern practices.  The points of views and cultural experiences of the leaders themselves remanifest, review, and insert themselves into the symbology of the artifacts and change their nature.

Up coming shows and event

CHRISTIE'S AUCTION:  proposed dated October 13, 2016

Contemporary Female Asian Artists-- maybe in Hong Kong or New York

Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art
CHRISTIE'S | 20 Rockefeller Plaza | New York, NY 10020
tel. (212) 974-4540 | fax (212) 636-4932| mobile (917) 287-3040


October --November 2016 Opening Reception

Exhibit curated by Todd Williamson and  Rebecca Wilson, the curator of Saatchi Art, former director of Saatchi Gallery London.  

The project centers around artists and their interpretation or response to "hate & violence".

 NPR and possibly Artbound may do a series of Living Room art talks around Hate & Violence and how it affects the arts and artists. 

This will likely be part of  of the Hammer's Pacific Standard Time, Made in LA.

Saatchi is doing worldwide publicity for the event.  

West Hollywood will sponsor.  

We are planning a lecture and a living room session on hate and violence with the artists and some special guests and are talking to NPR to cover and host as well as Artbound.  Actor Blake Griffin will moderate.