Arctic Love

Paola Pivi "Beautiful day", was one of my favorite pieces seen at Miami Art Basel. The sheer size, the beautiful detail and creativity behind her work, always leaves me gasping for more. I had seen them on print before along with some of her photography, but I had never had the pleasure of experiencing them in person.

A great investment in an established artist, that will continue producing some of the most interesting and socially current work.

Paola PIVI
"Beautiful day" 2015 
Urethane foam, plastic, feathers / Mousse uréthane, plastique, plumes 
h. 80 x l. 69 x w. 36 in (White head to blue toe bear) | h. 85 x l. 66 x w. 36 in (Blue head to white toe bear) / h. 203.2 x L. 175.3 x l. 91.4 cm | h. 215.9 x L. 167.6 x l. 91.4 cm
2 of a series of 3 unique versions