Luka Mjeda - TEETH AS ART

I want to introduce a good friend and fascinating artist.

I met Luka a couple of years ago at an art fair in Los angeles, where he was exhibiting some work. Immediately he reminded me of these old and cherished photojournalist, such as Capa and Bresson, the way he explained his work was like listening to a story. Since we have tried to stay in touch even when our schedules take over.

Luka Mjeda is not only responsible for keeping photography in all its form alive in Croatia by organizing shows for local and international artists, but has also documented and created photographic research such as the project presented below.

The 130.000 year old archeological findings of the Krapina Neandertals teeth provide a variety of data about their biology. Beyond this, the teeth are also images of art, stimulating the imagination of scientists and artists by their striking appearance. As part of the 2 year NESPOS project, Luka Mjeda photographed the entire Krapina Neandertal collection. Everyone looks at images in unique, personal ways. The scientist sees the arrangement of the cusps, the wear on the crown and sometimes odd arrangements of the cusps suggesting an image of a baby’s face or crouching figure.

What does the artist Luka Mjeda see? Are they just teeth or dirty old fossils? Not to him and not for these teeth. Beyond their anthropological importance, these teeth contain a surreal component - a concept of constant change and development of humans through ancient history. Intrigued by this idea, he allowed himself to manipulate the original images and create a new perspective and homage to the way we view – TEETH AS ART.


Available size and format.

C – prints

40 x 50 cm (edition of 25)

50 x 70 cm (edition of 10)

70x100 cm (edition of 5)

Luka Mjeda
Hrvatski fotografski centar
Croatian Photographic Center